Ookla Speedtest – Flawed

Hello Friends,

We all use Sppedtest.net on a daily basis to check out internet speed. It was founded by Ookla in 2006 (Seattle, Washington). It’s the widely used speed test web and mobile app used around the globe. Even after the enormous success and large user base their engineers did some silly mistake which makes a port of their collected data obsolete. It perform perfect on web app and single sim devices but their data are not accurate on dual sim devices. The problem can to light recently and it’s going to be the big problem for the company, at least for the test results they publish regularly.

On 5th September, 2016, JIO was launched across India. It became a major hit due to the 4G speed and mostly due to ‘Welcome Offer’ and ‘Happy New Year’ offers. About a month ago, Airtel launched an advertisement campaign, claiming themselves fastest network in India on the basis of Ookla Speedtest.net’s result. JIO has now alleged that Sppedtest net results are flawed and Airtel can’t use its name to claim anything. On the other hand Ookla said that they have other methods to verify the genuinity of their results and they don’t solely rely on the data collected through their app. As for the JIO’s claim Speedtest.net always register their results for the primary sim even when the test is done on the secondary sim in case of dual sim mobiles. While in India 90% of 4G mobiles as dual sim, therefore, there is no guarantee that the result that is attributed towards Airtel’s network are correct. The real question arises here, is there is this silly flaw in the global speed test leader app.


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