Oppo, Vivo & OnePlus – Three Company or One

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Since last 3-4 years Chinese companies has entered into the Indian market. Not just entered but they have a big impact on the smartphone sales. Indian names like Micromax, carbon, etc. are just a name today, but Chinese products are the one which is the real deal today. Lenovo, Motorola (bought by Lenovo), Xiomi, Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus and many more. You name it and it’s out there. Out of these Oppo, Vivo and OnePlus are the among with the biggest advertiser and impact on our life. From Oppo camera phone to Vivo moonlight selfie to affordable flagship by OnePlus, all three are rising like stars. You recognize it all, what you don’t know is that all three has the same parent company, ‘BBK Electronics’.

BBK Electronics

It is a Chinese company specialised on electronics such as TV sets, MP3 player etc. Headquarter and production base in Chang’an, Dingguan. The company is founded by Chinese billionaire ‘Duan Yongping’, also known as China’s Warren Buffett. The substantial question is why he embarked on three smartphone companies which leads them to be the fierce competitors how they entirely came after. Duan once said “Oppo and Vivo employed tactics Apple was reluctant to match, such as cheaper devices with high-end features, for fear of jeopardising its winning formula else where”. Let us find out about that.

Apple couldn’t beat us in China because even they have flaws.

Oppo & Vivo

oppo camera phone

In 2005, the entrepreneur and his protege Tony Chen decided to create a new company ‘Oppo’. It sold music players, but ramped up to smartphones in 2011. As for ‘Vivo’, BBK electronics itself created it in 2009 with the help of another Duan’s protege, Shen Wei. Neither of the device was appreciated initially, but over the time with the right business planning they succeeded and now has more market than Apple, in China. Their business statics include relying on local celebrity, making deals with the big re-sellers in the country and affordable device. They approached from the lower-tier cities with the mid range mobiles and as their profit increases, they moved towards the high end segment. They were innovative, one of the best camera phones you can own and world class marketing strategy Oppo and Vivo has the No 1 and No 3 market share in China respectively (Huawei is No 2). After making their name in China, Oppo and Vivo are now available globally.

Duan Yongping has always kept his distance from smartphone business and lives in Palo Alto, California with his journalist wife and kids. He has never disclosed about his share in smartphone companies, in fact, he gets most of his news on Opps and Vivo from the internet.



It’s rather interesting story behind OnePlus. For a long time, it was unknown who owns OnePlus and OnePlus founder only said that they have investors. Lets start from beginning. OnePlus is founded in December, 2013 by former Oppo vice president Pete Lau, Carl Pei. Initially it was only known that there are investors for the company but later it was revealed that it is a completely owned subsidiary of Oppo and are “in talks with other investors”.one plus With the tagline of ‘Never Settle’, company goal was to make the affordable flagship device. With One Plus One, the company adopted CyonogenMod as their OS, but later they made their own custom ROM, ‘OxygenOS’. Their ROM was stable, clean and one of the best performing ROM with the flagship hardware customization, all their devices made success. Like its other two sister company it too has lots of focus on innovation. One of the best camera phone in market, dash charger and premium look OnePlus is the one you would definitely want to own.

Tell us in comment which device you favor the most.


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