Go Job Hunting

Hello Friends, There are numerous job portals, professional network sites, etc. but today we are going to discuss about portals which are known by most of the people, LinkedIn, Facebook and Google. While LinkedIn is established ruler in their jungle, Facebook and Google are the new entry and trying to dominate this new territory with... Continue Reading →


Ookla Speedtest – Flawed

Hello Friends, We all use Sppedtest.net on a daily basis to check out internet speed. It was founded by Ookla in 2006 (Seattle, Washington). It's the widely used speed test web and mobile app used around the globe. Even after the enormous success and large user base their engineers did some silly mistake which makes... Continue Reading →

Nintendo Switch

Hello Friends, Since the first video game console "Magnavox Odyssey" (1972), console market has evolved a lot. 7 generations of gaming consoles have passed in 40 years, giving us multiple pioneers at their respective time. Today we only hear about three of them or to be precise only two, Microsoft's XBox and Sony's Play Station.... Continue Reading →

Nokia – HMD Global

Hello Friends, A company known to all, mobile phone giant, ruler of its industry, the Finnish company behind several product but known for one. There is also the fact that every kingdom has to die one day. The same things happened with this ruler too and today it no longer available in mobile phone industry.... Continue Reading →

Space Tourism

Hello Friends, We all love to travel. It is a means to explore new traditions, cultures, foods, territories and most importantly to take a break from our busy professional lives. Our hectic schedule of office, angry boss, unsatisfied clients, jealous colleague and corporate politics sucks our energy and forces us to live robotic life. Travelling... Continue Reading →

Copy Time

Hello Friends, We have a habit of copying someone rather than doing stuff by ourselves. At school or college, we copy the assignments, homework, even each other acts to become more famous. We want people to know us, only us. Well, that's true for the corporate world too, and why not they once were students... Continue Reading →

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