Neuralink : A game changer by Elon Musk

Known for his futuristic thoughts, business investments and philanthropy Elon Musk recently seem to be dropping hints for a new company called Neuralink. This post will be majorly focused on Neuralink, but to get you the idea of who is Elon Musk, let us see some facts about him.

Facts about Elon Musk

  • Multi Billionaire Elon Musk is ranked as 80th richest person on earth. He is worth 13.2B (on 21st March 2017)
  • He is CEO and CTO of SpaceX. Company with ultimate goal to settle civilisation on extraterrestrial planets.
  • He is also CEO and product architect of Tesla Inc. Originally Car making company now also performs R&D for Solar Energy etc.
  • Chairman of SolarCity. Owned by cousins of Musk, is the second largest solar panel manufacturers in USA
  • Co-chairman of OpenAI, company which aims to provide each and everyone access to AI being developed.

From facts it is clear that Musk is a person with a vision and future plans. He once said


I would like to die on Mars, rather than die on impact

Spacex is only privately owned company that is capable of placing satellites in orbit. It also holds the record to have most efficient engines in terms of power to weight ratio. So what is Neuralink, What can we expect from it and like always Pros And Cons:

Neuralink: Link between human brain and Computer.

Below information can be found on Wikipedia:

Neuralink is a US startup company developing implantable human-computer interfaces such as a neural lace. The company was founded in 2016 by Elon Musk and first publicly reported on in March 2017.

Neuralink Corp. was incorporated in the US state of Delaware, as is common for many companies, but operates in California. Neuralink is registered in California as a medical research company. The goal of the company, according to CEO Elon Musk, is to augment humans so that they can keep economically useful, while competing with machines.

As we now know that this comany is under existence from last one year and prime objective of this company is to “Develop technology that can interact with human brain”. Well lots of research is being done in the same direction. But why? Simple answer to that question is would anyone of you like to able to remeber everything or to have super IQ. If answer is yes then you are looking at the right blog.

According to tech blog The Verge, they will probably use the technology to cure certain kind of mental disorders like Parkinson’s disease.

Behind the Scene

Is it possible? Scientifically speaking, Yes it is. As we know our Grey matter is made of Neurons. Neurons pass information among themselves through electric signals. These signals get transferred between the neurons through brain chemicals. Each and everything we think, do,  see, hear or speak, triggers different paths of Neurons. That is how we can differentiate between feelings and objects. Basic idea of “NeuraLace”(so-called product of Neuralink) according to us will be a device that will be fitted inside our brain connected to certain nerve endings that can stimulate those neuron paths and get things done from our brain that we wont be able to do otherwise. Since we have nerve endings at many places in our body, it can also be as simple as a device we hold in our hands.


Future holds what it will be, and what it can do but one thing we can be sure, if they succeed it truly will be a giant leap for humanity. We will be having a descriptive video on its Pros and Cons soon. It will be posted below


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