Samsung – Android or No Android

Hello Friends Samsung, a name which, if you didn't hear about then you don't exist on this planet. A company which practically sells everything, holds their hands along every potential business in South Korea, but one affair for which its most famous for is their smartphones. Today Samsung is the worldwide leader in the smartphone... Continue Reading →


Neuralink : A game changer by Elon Musk

Known for his futuristic thoughts, business investments and philanthropy Elon Musk┬árecently seem to be dropping hints for a new company called Neuralink. This post will be majorly focused on Neuralink, but to get you the idea of who is Elon Musk, let us see some facts about him. Facts about Elon Musk Multi Billionaire Elon... Continue Reading →

Hybrid Devices a Leap Ahead

Hello Friends For the past few years there are devices available in the market through various companies which is designed as to be multi purpose. Some have been here since long time where as some are still trying to make an impact in the gadget world. Microsoft, Lenovo, DEll, Motorola are among those big names.... Continue Reading →

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