Nokia 6

Hello Friends, At last after months of waiting, Nokia 6, Nokia 5 and Nokia 3 is finally launched in India. Nokia 6 is Amazon exclusive and will start selling on 14th, July for the cost of Rs 14,999. Pre booking is already been started. Nokia 5 and Nokia 3 will be available online as well... Continue Reading →

Modular Smartphones

Hello Friends, Smartphones are part of our regular life now, but the device we use today are not designed to adapt as of our need. We are stuck with the same device for the years until we got the new one. We just can't just update any single peripherals of the device and customized it... Continue Reading →

Chrome OS

Hello Friends, We all use laptops daily for various purposes. There is infinite number of usage of this modern electronic marvel, games, music, movies, photo-video editing and many many many more. As for the operating system we all know about Windows by Microsoft and Mac OS by Apple but how many of us really know... Continue Reading →

Surface Laptop – Shame to the Brand

Hello Friends, Microsoft Surface is a billion dollar business for Microsoft. From an idea to successful division, Surface has proved itself. All the credit for this success goes to 'Panos Panay' and his team. It created the product category from each product launch. It all started from a failed start, 'Surface RT' on October 2012... Continue Reading →

Win 10 S – Surface Laptop

Hello Friends, Microsoft education centric event shows us the company's approach to the education industry. Google and Apple is already managed to take the large chunk of education market and now Microsoft's there too. Microsoft just launched a streamlined version on Win 10 (Win 10 S) and a new laptop (Surface Laptop). Since event was... Continue Reading →

Go Job Hunting

Hello Friends, There are numerous job portals, professional network sites, etc. but today we are going to discuss about portals which are known by most of the people, LinkedIn, Facebook and Google. While LinkedIn is established ruler in their jungle, Facebook and Google are the new entry and trying to dominate this new territory with... Continue Reading →

Ookla Speedtest – Flawed

Hello Friends, We all use on a daily basis to check out internet speed. It was founded by Ookla in 2006 (Seattle, Washington). It's the widely used speed test web and mobile app used around the globe. Even after the enormous success and large user base their engineers did some silly mistake which makes... Continue Reading →

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