Windows (x86) on ARM

Ever since the Windows PC (Windows 95 till date) is in use it has always been used on x86 architecture devices. Intel, AMD and VIA are the only companies holding the license of x86 and no other manufacturer can manufacture x86 architecture processor. Due to this there is always been a monopoly in PC processor... Continue Reading →


Android One vs Android Go

Android is undoubtedly most popular mobile OS in the current scenario. It doesn't need any introduction but despite that, it has various projects under the name 'Android' which are confusing to the users. One straight project is what we use in our daily life with different versions (i.e. Nougat, Oreo etc.). As for the different... Continue Reading →

File System

Knowingly or unknowingly we use many devices in our daily life which uses some sort of file system. These devices may be our laptop, smartphones, pen drives, DVDs etc. Data on these devices are arranged into different drives and folders but are these devices literally divided into drives and folders or it's just us user... Continue Reading →

What to do with old Whatsapp chats?

We at Tech AnuPrati started this blog with a vision of bringing our readers tech news to latest happenings in tech world and their pros and cons. But sometimes when we ourselves are stuck in some technical problems and we find our solutions, we will post it here so that others facing same problem can... Continue Reading →

Digital Universality

Hello Friends, Today in the digital world there lies numerous diversity among devices. Devices multiple platforms (Android, iOS, Windows), devices form multiple form factor (tablet, mobile), devices for multiple usages (gaming, entertainment, development), devices from multiple OEM's (Samsung, Apple, OnePlus) and devices from multiple generations (desktop, laptop, smart devices). A big problem lies in this... Continue Reading →

Did Microsoft dug their own Grave?

Microsoft has now officially announced the end of Windows 10 Mobile. Joe Belfiore, a Corporate Vice President in the Operating Systems Group at Microsoft, on Sunday revealed that the company is no longer putting its energy into building new features or hardware for the operating system.   He even gave the reason... Continue Reading →

Google Hardware Event or Google Assistant Event

Google had its hardware event on Oct 4rth, 2017. Various products have been launched but one thing was common in all, Google Assistant. Google Assistant was much emphasized on every Google's product presentation. The product launched were Google Home Mini, Google Home Max, Google Pixel 2, Google Pixel 2 XL, Google Pixelbook and Google Pixel... Continue Reading →

Pixel 2 – Made by HTC & LG, Phone By Google

First generation Google Pixel smartphones were launched last year and undoubtedly it had the best smartphone camera on the market. As for the device, it had the ultra-premium look, stock android, built-in Google Assistant; overall Pixel 1 was one of the best Android smartphones on the market. Fast forwarding to today, Google launched Pixel 2... Continue Reading →

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